Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

( Top )What is the Melbourne Polytechnic Policy and Procedure Register?

The Policy and Procedure Register is designed to make information easier to find and improve decision making. The Policy and Procedure Register contains all Melbourne Polytechnic policies and procedures and associated information. The Policy and Procedure Register is the sole authoritative source of official Institute policies and procedures.

( Top )Do I need to log into the system?

Melbourne Polytechnic has strong internal policies and procedures for effective management. Therefore, many Melbourne Polytechnic policies are restricted to staff only. For these you will need to login with your Melbourne Polytechnic username and password to access the documents. These documents are identified with the shield emblem in the A-Z listing.


All other documents do not require ‘log-in’.

( Top )Which web browsers work best with the Policy and Procedure Register?

The Policy and Procedure Register can display differently depending on your browser. The Policy and Procedure Register works well with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Finding policies and procedures
( Top )How do I find the policy or procedure I’m looking for?

All Melbourne Polytechnic policies and procedures are listed in the A-Z page in alphabetical order, by title. You can also search the Policy and Procedure Register via the Search page using:

  • Full text – search for one word, multiple words or tick ‘Match Exact Phrase’ check box
  • Keyword - search for a keyword in the document title, summary or keywords
  • Document realm – limit the search to Foundation; Higher Education; Institute; Off-shore: Vocational Education and Training
  • Management Area – lists documents by organisational unit or department
  • Document Category – lists documents according to their functional category
  • Target Audience – limits search to documents that relate to a specific group e.g students
  • Policy Reference Number – search by document reference number.
( Top )How do I print a policy and procedure?
  1. Select the document
  2. Click the ‘Print’ tab at the top of the policy or procedure
  3. Click on ‘Print to Portable Document format’
  4. Print or Save the PDF document.
Navigating functions and features
( Top )What do the tabs at the top of each policy document mean?

Tabs include: 

  • Status and Details: Contains information about the document’s status (i.e. current or historic), approval and implementation dates, as well as the contact details for enquiries.
  • Associated Information: Links to policies, procedures and resources (templates, forms, websites, legislation) and other information related to the policy document you’re viewing.
  • Historic Version: Contains previous versions of the policy document.
  • Future Version: Shows future versions of policy document if a policy is queued to come into effect at a future date.
  • Print: Allows you to open and print this document in a PDF format.
( Top )Where do I find information about when a policy or procedure was approved and when it is due to be reviewed?

Important details about every document are contained in the Status and Details page of each policy and procedure. Select the document and click the ‘Status and Details’ tab at the top of the policy or procedure to view.

( Top )Who do I contact if I require assistance with a specific policy document or wish to notify an issue?

Every policy and procedure have an ‘Enquiries Contact’ listed on the Status and Details page. If you require further advice on the content, interpretation or application of a specific document or you’ve identified some issue, please direct queries to the ‘Enquiries Contact’.

Contact and assistance
( Top )Who do I contact if I need help or further assistance?

Policy Office can assist you with general queries. Contact us via email:

( Top )What is the Glossary?

The Glossary is an alphabetical listing of definitions for the terms and acronyms used in policy development. The Glossary supports the consistent use of terms across organisational policies and procedures. The Melbourne Polytechnic Glossary is under development.

Policy processes
( Top )How are policies and procedures developed at Melbourne Polytechnic?

Melbourne Polytechnic has a Policy Framework to apply consistent standards for the development, approval, implementation and review of policies and procedures to manage risks and to improve organisational capability. Our policies are designed to support good management. Melbourne Polytechnic uses templates to promote quality policy development and review.

( Top )Who approves policies and procedures?
  • Higher Education policies and procedures are approved by the Higher Education Academic Board
  • Administrative policies and procedures are approved by the Chief Executive
  • Melbourne Polytechnic Board approves policies and procedures that it has not delegated.