Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about:

  • the status, ownership, approval, review and implementation of this version of this document
  • contact details for who can help with enquiries about application and interpretation and
  • a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

Because committees and positions can change over time, current information about policy approval pathways should be obtained from   

Selection and Admission (HE) Policy

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Status Current Indicates if this version of the document is in effect (Current), yet to come into effect (Future), or expired (Historic).
Effective Date 2nd August 2018 This is the date on which this version of the document came into effect.
Review Date 2nd August 2023 The next review of this document is scheduled to commence on this date.
Approval Authority Higher Education Academic Board The noted authority approved this version of the document. The Policy Framework Policy defines the current positions and committees that have authority to approve policies and procedures
Approval Date 2nd August 2018 This is the date on which this version of the document was approved by the authorised authority.
Expiry Date Not Applicable This is the date on which this version expires. It may still apply, conditionally, after this date.
Policy Implementation Officer Nicola Cooley
Director Higher Education
This is the designated subject matter expert and contact person for enquiries relating to content and implementation
Policy Owner Marc Blanks
Executive Director Curriculum Innovation and Teaching Excellence
This is the member of Executive with responsibility for the document
Author Nicola Cooley
Director Higher Education
This is the author of record for this version of the document.
Enquiries Contact Nicola Cooley
Director Higher Education
General enquiries should be directed to the officer/area listed.

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

This is the first document to be published in Melbourne Polytechnic's new Policy Register. It is basically equivalent to the document that was approved and in effect at the time the migration occurred, except for the numbering system and references, which have been updated to align with the new formatting and current requirements.

Clauses Amended:Policy: All

Version History

Edition 2: Academic Board – 2/08/2018 – The Selection and Admission (HE) Policy has been revised to incorporate regulatory changes that ensure greater admission transparency for higher education courses: 

- Reference to separate Undergraduate and Postgraduate entry requirements removed and included under the relevant new admission categories.

- Reference to international applicants (4.1) replaced with overseas student visa holders and other temporary holders.

- Reference to provider default obligations for international applicants (Section 5 – item 4) added.

- Responsibility for publishing accurate information on admission pathways, procedures and course selection requirements changed from Head of School to Head of Program.

- Relevant definitions from the common terminology TEQSA glossary added.

Selection and Admission (HE) Policy, updated with minor change in November 2019. Minor change includes updated International Applicant definition


International Applicant: Students who hold a student visa as defined in the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act). Students will apply via the International Office and will pay international course fees. Note: International students who do not hold a Student Visa are deemed to be ‘Ineligible students’ and will pay course fees which apply to that cohort.


International Applicant: Students who are not a permanent Australian resident or do not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship or a holder of a permanent visa other than a permanent humanitarian visa must apply via the International Office and will be charged International Student fees.

Edition 1: Academic Board – 12/05/2017 – New Policy. This new Selection and Admissions Policy has superseded the Selection, Admission and Enrolment Policy and Procedure.

The new features of the Selection and Admission Policy are:

- current students, agents and partners of Melbourne Polytechnic are included in the scope

- both domestic and international students are to meet minimum English language requirements

- admissions pathways are summarised with mature-age entry requirements made explicit and adding the use of informal or non-formal learning (recognition of prior learning)

- a minimum age requirement has been incorporated

- postgraduate entry requirements have been added

- ranking of applicants is reserved for courses with quotas (e.g. Commonwealth supported places or where specialist facilities are limited)

- a refusal of admission section which gives the ability to preclude applicants from admission for specific reasons

- a quality assurance section which requires reporting to Academic Board of participation, progress and completion by student cohorts to inform admission standards.