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Student Privacy Statement

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Section 1 - Context

(1) Melbourne Polytechnic is committed to ensuring compliance with relevant privacy legislation, and has established principles of transparency and fairness for the management of personal information and protecting the privacy of those whose information it holds.

(2) Melbourne Polytechnic adheres to the following Legislative Acts:

  1. Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014
  2. Victorian Health Records Act 2001
  3. Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988
  4. Victorian Public Records Act 1973
  5. Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982

(3) These acts govern how public sector organisations are to collect, use, store, disclose and give access to personal information.

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Section 2 - Scope

(4) Melbourne Polytechnic students (referred to as “you”) who have been previously enrolled or are currently enrolled in the institute. Prospective students (referred to as “you”) who supply personal information with regard to course enquiries or requests to be placed on Melbourne Polytechnic distribution lists.

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Section 3 - Access

(5) Prospective students can access the Student Privacy Statement on the Melbourne Polytechnic Website. Enrolled students can access the Student Privacy Statement through the Melbourne Polytechnic Student Portal under Rules/Policies.

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Section 4 - Information Collected

(6) Melbourne Polytechnic collects personal information about you:

  1. At time of enrolment
  2. For attendance and assessment in your course
  3. For the provision of a range of support services and activities
  4. For the purpose of providing you with information about Melbourne Polytechnic courses and activities
  5. for the purposes of fostering Alumni associations
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Section 5 - Purpose of Collecting Information

(7) The purpose of collecting this information is to facilitate your study requirements and to provide you with services and opportunities which will enable you to participate fully in institute life or activities as an enrolled student or as a member of the community. Specific information that is collected is listed in the table of this document.

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Section 6 - Access to Information Collected

(8) You may seek to inspect such files at any time. Requests for access may be directed to those nominated in the table in this document or the Melbourne Polytechnic Privacy Officer.

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Section 7 - Disclosure

(9) Disclosure of relevant parts of your personal information will be made to:

  1. Government authorities and organisations with legitimate legal right such as courts or law enforcement agencies as required by a summons, subpoena or other appropriate document or circumstance (e.g. child abuse, dangerous/threatening behaviour, medical emergency).
  2. Appropriate Melbourne Polytechnic officers where access to that information is relevant to the student relationship.

(10) Specific bodies and/or circumstances leading to disclosure are listed in the table of this document.

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Section 8 - Non-disclosure

(11) We will not disclose information to any persons or organisations requesting personal information about you without prior authority from you, excepting those mentioned in 7.1 (a) and 7.1 (b) and the specific bodies listed in the table of this document.

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Section 9 - Transfer of Information Outside Victoria

(12) Generally, we will not send your personal or health information outside Victoria without obtaining your consent. In some cases this consent may be implied, for example if you are an international student or if you receive Commonwealth Government funding, your information needs to be sent to a Federal Government Department.

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Section 10 - Sensitive Information

(13) The Institute will not collect sensitive information unless the individual has consented, or it is required by law, or where there are other special circumstances such as those relating to health services provision and individual or public health or safety.

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Section 11 - Privacy Officer

(14) The Institute is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of your personal information. To this end we have a Privacy Officer to oversee the operation of the Student Privacy Statement at Melbourne Polytechnic and to make decisions regarding privacy related complaints and queries.

The Privacy Officer can be contacted at:
The Privacy Officer
People and Culture Department
Melbourne Polytechnic
77-91 St Georges Road
Telephone:     03 9269 1266
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Section 12 - Complaints

(15) Any complaints about the improper use of personal information are to be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer will arrange for the matter to be fully investigated and respond within 30 working days of the complaint being lodged.

Chief Executive Officer
Melbourne Polytechnic
77-91 St Georges Road

(16) Complaints can also be lodged with:

Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection
PO Box 24014
Phone: 1300 666 444
Melbourne Polytechnic department collecting information
Personal information collected for:
Disclosure of personal information
Access to personal information collected
Academic Registry
  • Enrolment, including amendments to enrolment and personal student record details
  • Instalment Payment Plans
Government authorities for the collection of personal details for national surveys. Organisations such as the Victorian WorkCover Authority, rehabilitation providers, Centrelink, Department of Education and Training, and Austudy/Abstudy where release of that information is relevant to the proper work of the organisation
Directed in writing to the Academic Registrar.
Teaching Departments
  • Attendance and assessment details
In the case of apprentices, instances of misconduct, poor performance or absenteeism will be reported to the employer.
Under the authority of the relevant Director of College / Head of School.
  • Personal information for licences
Appropriate funding bodies
Student Services
  • Counselling
Used for service provision only
Directed in writing to Director Student Experience.
  • Disability support service
Limited information is provided to funding bodies
  • Gym membership
Used for service provision only
  • Recreational activities, including SLAM activities, student communications, sports and excursions
Used for service provision only
  • Access and borrowing rights
Used for service provision only
Directed in writing to Manager Library Services.
  • Enrolment
  • Attendance
  • Course completion
The relevant government departments include the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Department of Education and Training.
Directed in writing to the Manager International Office.
Marketing,  Partnerships and Student Acquisition
  • Website and Social Media
  • Alumni
  • Course inquiries, student recruitment activity
Used for course promotion and service provision including
providing information about Melbourne Polytechnic courses and activities; and
for the purposes of fostering Alumni associations.
Directed in writing to Executive Director, Marketing, Partnerships and Student Acquisitions.