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Orientation (HE) Procedure

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Section 1 - Purpose

(1) The intent of this procedure is to describe orientation processes and assign responsibility for effective implementation across Higher Education courses.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(2) For the purpose of this procedure the following definitions apply:

  1. Commencing student: A student who commences study in a course with Melbourne Polytechnic for the first time.
  2. Orientation: Various academic and social activities designed to engage students with their course, staff, peers and their learning environment.
  3. Orientation working party: A group, which includes representatives across Melbourne Polytechnic working jointly to determine and action orientation activities for new and returning students.
  4. Returning student: A student who has previously studied with Melbourne Polytechnic in the same course.
  5. Transition: Learning to adapt to a new environment both academically and socially including values and rules associated with study at Melbourne Polytechnic.
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Section 3 - Responsibility and Accountability

Orientation for New and Returning Students

(3) Orientation activities will be held twice per year, at the beginning of the year (prior to semester 1) and mid-year (prior to semester 2) across all campuses. Some separate activities will be identified for returning students however in the main, returning students will be invited to attend social activities scheduled for commencing students.

(4) Dates can be set in advance and incorporated in the academic calendar of activities. This will also support lead in times for international recruitment and welcome.

Establish an Orientation working party with representatives across the Institute to develop schedule of activities
Manager Student Services
Representation on the working party to include:
Schools, Academic Registry, Student Acquisitions,
Student Services, Library
International Office
Establish an Orientation working party meeting schedule to accommodate orientation planning for both semesters
Orientation working party
Determine and schedule dates and times for orientation activities and book rooms
Orientation working party
Can be over a few days or a week
Avoid activities clashing and areas competing for rooms
Determine orientation activities for new and returning students
Orientation working party
Two hour sessions could be held for returning students and include the following:
Re-enforcing course specific information and study commitment expectations, Advising students of any system changes, learning support changes, government changes
Advise students via email of course specific sessions
Head of Program/Course Administrator
Advise students via Thrive App of broader orientation activities
Student Services
Develop material for student orientation sessions
Head of Program/Subject Coordinators/Service areas
Material to be included:
Course specific information and study commitment expectations
Teaching and learning methods
Assessment requirements
Meeting teaching staff and who to contact if they need assistance with studies
Student Survival Guide
Campus tours
Practical application activities e.g. Egg drop
Presentations by Academic Registry, Student Services, Security, Library
Prepare a course specific student handbook for distribution at orientation sessions
Head of Program
The handbook can also be provided to students who arrive after orientation
Recruit volunteers to assist with orientation activities as required
Later year students
Participate in sessions
Schools/ Academic Registry/Student Services/Security/
Design feedback questionnaire and seek feedback from students
Orientation working party
Prepare orientation feedback report
Orientation working party
Prepare orientation report per School for School Higher Education Committee
Head of Program/Subject Coordinators/Course Administrator
Incorporate improvements in subsequent orientation activities
Orientation working party/Head of Program
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Section 4 - Supporting Documents and Templates

(5) Orientation (HE) Policy