Student Policies and Procedures

Here you'll find all of Melbourne Polytechnic's student policies and procedures listed in categories so you can easily find them.


Learning and Teaching

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Integrity (Students) Procedure

Articulation Agreement Policy

Articulation Agreement Procedure


Learning and Teaching – Higher Education

Assessment, Credit & Moderation (HE) Policy

Assessment (HE) Procedure

Credit (HE) Procedure

Enrolment (HE) Policy

Enrolment (HE) Procedure

Moderation and Validation (HE) Procedure

Orientation (HE) Policy

Orientation (HE) Procedure

Selection and Admission (HE) Policy

Selection and Admission (HE) Procedure

Student Academic Progress (HE) Policy

Student Academic Progress (HE) Procedure

Student Exchange & Study Abroad Policy

Student Exchange & Study Abroad Procedure

Subject Cancellation (HE) Policy

Subject Cancellation (HE) Procedure

Work Integrated Learning (HE) Policy

Work Integrated Learning (HE) Procedure


Learning and Teaching – Vocational Education and Training

Assessment (VET & Foundation) Policy

Assessment (VET & Foundation) Procedure



Acceptable Usage (Students) Policy



International Students – Appointment and Monitoring of Education Agents Procedure

International Students – Course Progress & Attendance Procedure

International Students – Critical Incident Procedure

International Students Deferral, Suspension & Cancellation of Enrolment Procedure

International Student Studying on a Student Visa Policy

International Students Withdrawal, Transfer & Refund Procedure


Student Administration

Administration of Student Enrolment, Fees and Charges Policy

Granting of Awards Policy

Special Circumstances for Refunds (Certificate I-IV) Procedure


Student Support

Child Wellbeing and Safety Policy

Child Wellbeing and Safety Procedure

Sexual Harm Prevention and Response Policy

Sexual Harm Response Procedure 

Student Code of Conduct GL

Student Complaints & Appeals Policy

Student Complaints & Appeals Procedure

Student Discipline Policy

Student Discipline Procedure

Student Equal Opportunity, Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Student Privacy Statement

Student Support Policy

Supporting Students with Disabilities Policy.