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This page provides a master list (in alphabetical order, by title) of all Melbourne Polytechnic policies and procedures (administrative, governance and academic). Documents that relate to the administration and management of the Institute are marked with a Shield and are restricted to staff.  Access to these policies and procedures is via staff login.

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  • Debtors Extending Credit to Clients ProcedureTo outline the Melbourne Polytechnic practice around extending credit to new Debtors and to assess the credit risk of such Debtors by ensuring that appropriate credit checks are completed prior to extending credit facilities.
  • Debtors Invoice Credit Note Request ProcedureTo ensure that all trade debtors are invoiced or credited for goods and/or services supplied by Melbourne Polytechnic.
  • Debtors Statement of Policy- Minimise the risk of bad debts by undertaking credit checks on potential clients within the industry sector. • Establish credit facilities based on financial knowledge about potential clients.
    - Maintain invoicing procedures which allow for part payment in advance and regular scheduled payments for services provided over a longer period of time.
    - Ensure that all monies owed to the institute are recorded and documented on an official Institute tax invoice.
    - Ensure that adequate follow up procedures are maintained for the collection of outstanding debts.
    - Provide regular debtors analysis and report to management regarding outstanding debtors.
  • Delegation of Authority PolicyThis Delegation of Authority, including the Table of Delegations, set out the approval parameters for various types of transactions which form part of the operations of Melbourne Polytechnic.
  • Determining Literacy and Numeracy Demands of Vocational Qualifications ProcedureThis procedure outlines the process followed in determining the literacy and numeracy (LN) levels of vocational qualifications and mapping these to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). The ACSF levels of qualifications are considered in the pre-training review of prospective vocational students.
  • Digital Invigilation (HE) ProcedureThis procedure provides instructions on how to prepare and conduct invigilation where the assessment method is an examination being delivered online. This procedure takes into account validity, reliability, feasibility, cost effectiveness, opportunities for feedback, and impact on learning as described in the Assessment (HE) Policy.
  • Disposal of Assets ProcedureThe purpose of this procedure is to ensure the disposal of assets is within delegated authority and there is a valid reason. Assets may be disposed of by sale, trade-in, donation, scrap or write down/write off.
  • Doubtful and Bad Debts PolicyThe aim of this policy is to provide for the timely and appropriate accounting treatment of:
    - Doubtful and bad debts; and
    - Revenue write offs.
  • Drug and Alcohol Management PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to demonstrate Melbourne Polytechnic’s strong commitment to provide and maintain, as far as practicable, an environment that is safe and without risks for staff, students and visitors. The policy provides guidance to staff, contractors and any person engaged to undertake work for Melbourne Polytechnic to not compromise the health and safety to individuals, property or the reputation of the institute by being impaired by alcohol or drugs.