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This page provides a master list (in alphabetical order, by title) of all Melbourne Polytechnic policies and procedures (administrative, governance and academic). Documents that relate to the administration and management of the Institute are marked with a Shield and are restricted to staff.  Access to these policies and procedures is via staff login.

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  • Withdrawal (VET) ProcedureThis procedure describes the process and assigns responsibility for withdrawing a student from Units of Competency (UoCs) or a full Qualification to: a. Ensure accuracy of the student’s record in the Student Management System (SMS); and b. Comply with Government reporting requirements under the TAFE VET Funding Contract.
  • Work Integrated Learning (HE) PolicyThe Melbourne Polytechnic Work Integrated Learning (Higher Education) Policy defines principles and requirements that assure the quality, safety and educational effectiveness of applied workplace experiences, known as work integrated learning (WIL), offered through higher education (HE) courses. Its purpose is to ensure work-integrated learning meets the needs of students, staff and partner organisations and complies with relevant legislation and education standards.
  • Work Integrated Learning (HE) ProcedureThis procedure supports implementation of the Melbourne Polytechnic Work Integrated Learning (Higher Education) Policy. The process defined in this procedure supports the planning, design, initiation, monitoring, support and assessment of work integrated learning (WIL) experiences to ensure that they are:
    - Safe
    - Inclusive, equitable and accessible
    - Authentic and quality-assured
    - Aligned with defined curriculum requirements
    - Aligned with industry accreditation requirements
    - Assessable.
    Unless a requirement is noted as mandatory, this procedure is intended to guide decision-making rather than imposing strict conditions. The procedure should be applied flexibly, taking the specific circumstances of the student, the WIL partner, and the overall learning objectives of the WIL experience into account.
  • Work Placement (VET and Foundation) ProcedureThis procedure outlines the process and assigns responsibility regarding onshore work placements offered by VET and Foundation Directorates of Melbourne Polytechnic.
    (2) An effective work placement involves matching the right student with the right host at the right time so that learning outcomes are achieved.
  • Working with Children and Police Check PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to comply with the Working with Children Act 2005 and the Disability Services Act 2006 and to establish a framework to screen the criminal records and the professional conduct of people who intend to work with or care for children To ensure employees in specific positions have a valid Police Check whilst performing their role.